Why this Package?

So, why would one opt for this Package?

It is useful in automation scenarios, since it can be run through its cli (eg using a bash shell) and “exits” with 0 or 1 accordingly.

It is useful whenever you are writing python and want to have a single source of truth for parsing and checking a string according to Semantic Version.

Specifically, the package exposes a regular expression (from semantic_version_check import regex) that can serve as a single source of truth to your python projects, whenever you need to do some SemVer parsing of string.

Also, it is easy to install using pip.

Finally, the package is well-tested against multiple Python Interpreter versions (from 3.6 to 3.10), tested on both Linux (Ubuntu) and Darwin (Macos) platforms.

This package’s releases follow Semantic Versioning too :)