semantic_version_check is available on PyPI hence you can use pip to install it.

It is recommended to perform the installation in an isolated python virtual environment (env). You can create and activate an env using any tool of your preference (ie virtualenv, venv, pyenv).

Assuming you have ‘activated’ a python virtual environment:

python -m pip install semantic-version-check

Simple Use Case

One Use Case for the semantic_version_check is to invoke its cli, through a console
and do SemVer check on a single input string.

Open a console and run:

check-semantic-version 1.0.0
echo $?
echo "Exit code is 0 meaning operation succeeded"

check-semantic-version 1.3
echo $?
echo "Exit code is 1, meaning operation failed"

Note: this use case may be useful for a CI pipeline.